TED Blog – Wireless electricity


Induction is not all bad or dangerous. In this video Eric Giler talks about using an electromagnetic field to charge batteries or to power your television.
This is completely save, because it does not use radiative power, but a magnetic field which you can compare with the magnetic field of the earth. By using resonance it only transfers energy to devices that work at exactly the same frequency.
There is more involved than simply two coils, but the basic principle stays the same.


2 Responses to TED Blog – Wireless electricity

  1. mic585 says:

    How will you quickly convince critics that this technology is not a health hazard? I recall seeing several documentaries regarding the correlation between cancer and bad sleep patterns with proximity of high voltage lines.

  2. kianroel says:

    Since the video is almost 4 years old and the research started most likely several years before that. Why is this technology not yet widespread? What are the limitations in the breakthrough of it?

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